Bejing, China. People often use these type of images to point out the impact of CO2. But you are not seeing CO2 in this photo, because CO2 is colourless, odourless and necessary for life. Credit: 螺钉/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

According to an article published in Nature Climate Change, researchers are stating that the world must go through a full lockdown every two years in order for countries to meet the terms under the Paris Agreement accord.

Basically they are calling for the utter destruction of the middle class, because you can be sure of one thing the political and corporate elite won’t be impacted. In fact, they thrived during the lockdowns.

Charisma News reports:

A reportpublished inNature Climate Changeclaims carbon emissions fell drastically during COVID-19 related lockdowns. In order to meet goals set forth in The Paris Agreement, they say, a pandemic scaled lockdown would be neededonce…

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