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Well for starters, we would be saving a lot of precious money by not having to spend any more on bombs and vehicles and soldiers. With regards to nuclear weapons, there are in existence, enough nuclear missiles to decimate the planet, upon the initial salvoes. Claiming that we need faster & newer missiles to intercept and to soak up a theoretical first strike by Russia goes against all sense, because the in-air detonation of nukes will most certainly cause irrepairable harm, not only to the environment but also to all wildlife. At that point we would be destroying a valuable source of food and breathable air for anyone left alive post nuclear catastrophe.  We would be much better served by firing and imprisoning russophobes like Michael McFaul and Max Boot, rather than venerating them as pro-Americans.  They are far far from being pro-America.

We’ve already seen congress’ inability to pass…

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