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Today, Kipp Sorensen and I field questions about bend don’t break, the path to mastery, understanding the intentions of others, and so much more. Hit me up on Instagram at and share with me what’s working in your life.


5:14 What suggestions do you have for someone going through big career changes?
8:11 How do you balance self-improvement with a newborn child?
18:29 Do you plan to participate in a jiu-jitsu tournament?
26:40 How can I help my recently disabled stepfather find purpose?
31:10 What books do you recommend for self-improvement?
33:44 What is a tactful way to dismiss yourself from a conversation?
41:22 What financial advice can you give to a father trying to save for his kids?
45:39 Would you consider having a Freemason on as a podcast guest?
47:07 How have you approached men in your circle to follow you in your mission?
50:41 Are there specific requirements to being a man?
54:23 What do you carry in your EDC and truck?
57:51 Am I a real man if I can’t grow a beard?
58:55 Any advice for someone who’s uncomfortable being in front of a camera?
1:03:23 What’s a good resource or book to help be a better communicator?
1:08:26 What are good questions to ask someone arguing against absolute truth?

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