Why the Machine Learning industry can’t grow without Open Source

Top Bengaluru

Towards the end of 2016, Google DeepMind made their machine learning platform, , DeepMind Lab, straightforwardly accessible. Despite alerts from experts like Professor Stephen Hawking, Google’s choice to show its software to various developers becomes part of a movement to further establish the capabilities of machine learning. They aren’t the lone ones however. Facebook unveiled its deep learning programming in 2016, and Elon Musk’s non-benefit association OpenAI launched Universe, an open software platform that can be utilized to teach AI systems. All in all, why have Google, OpenAI, and others made their platforms public, and how will this impact the adoption of machine learning?

Open source AI… Why?

The examples mentioned gives us a superior picture. In the event that you look carefully, machine learning has consistently been open-source, and open R&D is the principal motivation behind why machine learning is the place where it is today.

By making machine…

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