Liked on YouTube: 👉 Money Printing ,Fed Financed Helicopter Money , More Inflation and Debt

👉 Money Printing ,Fed Financed Helicopter Money , More Inflation and Debt
Money Printing ,Fed Financed Helicopter Money , More Inflation and Debt
Money Printing ,Money Printing.And More Money Printing.
The Fed is printing, and the government spends an unlimited amount of money which will cause inflation.
Inflation comes from too much free money chasing the same things.
Rising inflation could result in a drop in paper money, lower consumption, lower growth, and higher unemployment.
The Federal Reserve increased the money supply at a record rate in 2020. And a move recently announced by the US Treasury Department will mean even more money flooding into the marketplace. In other words, another tidal wave of inflation.
The Treasury plans on drawing down the $1.6 trillion balance in its Treasury General Account (TGA) at the Federal Reserve. According to the announcement, the Treasury plans to cut the accounts balance in half by April and draw it down to $500 billion by the end of June as the Biden administration ramps up spending even more in the coming month.
If you add up all of the money the US has ever printed, over 40% of it was printed in 2020 alone.

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