Rick Wiles 2024

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  1. 100% I agree. Corporate, behemoth monopolies absolutely have destroyed communities.

    Walmart, for example. Some 30 years ago, towns felt like communities – the suburb I grew up in had a local, family owned sporting goods store, children’s footwear store, a toy store, three hardware stores…

    Let’s say you needed a chainsaw to cut thru trees that had fallen in the woods. Cut them up for firewood. You’d go to the hardware store, you knew the owner and staff and they would be extremely knowledgeable as to what type of chainsaw to buy. The chainsaw purchase offered a warranty with it.

    Now the cost of the chainsaw certainly was greater than prices found in today’s marketplace – however – the value and quality of the item was far superior than the shit that’s built to break and be replaced today.

    If the chainsaw was defective and you wanted to exercise the warranty , you’d simply bring it back to the hardware store you bought it at, they would replace it and they would carry out the process to exercise the warranty.

    We had communities – high trust societies – and people had agency and stood by their sincere convictions, values, morals and tradition.

    In today’s neo-liberal, debt-laden, borderless, raceless, genderless, cosmopolitan system of consumerist speculative financial Capitalism – not only are those chainsaws built to break and be replaced – people have grown to accept and expect this!


  2. “seizing the wealth of billionaires and redistributing it to the poor.”

    — Sounds good at first glance, upon second glance it sounds more like workers of the world overthrow those evil bourgeoisie. Though if corporate monopolies could be split/fragmented into smaller localized family businesses that would be good.

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