Banned Hipster

This was obvious to anyone paying attention. But if anyone had said this three years ago, on a blog, you’d have theHasbaracrew saying you’re just an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.

But eventually it all comes out. When it does, the same Hasbara crew will simply say it’s “old news” or it is “irrelevant” now and why do you talk about Israel so much?

Now, bring in David Pecker, Donald Trump’s “fixer” Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s “mentor” Roy Cohn, or for that matter Donald Trump’s son-in-law, the father of his grandchildren, Jared Kushner – his father Charles Kushner too – and what emerges is a pretty clear picture.

You could call it a “cabal” – if they were, say, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. But since they are Ashkenazi Jews, calling them a “cabal” is an “anti-semitic conspiracy theory.”

Trump’s long-time political ally, David Pecker at AMI, the publisher of the National…

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