It’s Not Funny Anymore

The American Sun

Submitted by Constantine Palaiologos

I was first introduced to the term “clown world” in early 2017. I had an acquaintance who loved to use the expression and he must have been quite happy with himself when in 2019 it became firmly entrenched in the lexicon of the online right. It felt so good in those days to have two simple, obvious words which could sum up our emotions so perfectly. Why bother with impotent rage when you could just sigh, shake your head, and exclaim “clown world” in response to the latest neoliberal monstrosity to stumble into your field of view? Then of course in early 2019 we saw a brief explosion of clown themed content and we knew that the clown mindset would soon be discarded as we moved on to another meme of the month. How fortunate then that a prophecy already existed to tell us what was…

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