What CNN news victims do not grasp: Conservatives are done having things taken away from them

Arminius Mithridates

I recently had an encounter with a Democrat who was legitimately baffled at why conservatives were outraged enough for anything like the Capitol Peaceful Protest to happen. It was impossible to get through to him because CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times, the Washington Post, etc., had left so much of every story out for so many consecutive years at every turn, that he literally had no idea what was happening on even the most basic level. He did not even realize, for instance, that Democrats had literally seceded at one point.

So to remedy this gigantic media-manufactured gap between the jaw-droppingly ignorant, misinformed left and everyone else, let’s review the egregiously one-sided abuses, double-standards, and open discrimination that are already a daily part of conservatives’ lives at this point. Here is a very, very partial list of what has been taken from ordinary citizens for getting in the way of…

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