Truth is difficult but essential...

It seems so obvious once pointed out, so kudos to Glenn Greenwald in Substack for this insightful article.

The Mainstream Media has changed its reason for being. It’s now not to hold those in power to account, to expose malfeasance in government or criminal activities within commerce. It’s to run the narrative proscribed by their owners. To drive outcomes within society that only benefit their oligarchy.

That narrative is, across the six combines the are the totality of today’s Mainstream Media, plus the BBC in the UK, one that promotes the interests of the globalist oligarchy and technocrats. That insidious cabal that would rule us, fronted by the political class.

That’s one of the definitions of Fascism. The proposed Great Reset is a major step in that direction.

In Western liberal democracies, the media were supposed to be independent and inform the public, so that such dystopian outcomes could be…

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