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Ah. The sweet smell of normalcy. Gone are the commercials for that Hook-Nosed Bog Monster ™ Sarah Gideon. Long live embarassingly generic Politician Option A. In their place, commercials selling ageing degenerates a plethora of penis pills, Blue Pills, if you like, have returned. Commercials tell a man a lot about the world he lives in. A world in which fans of ACDC apparently need Viagra at the tender hour of 06:33. Nevermind that children could be listening.

In the space of a commercial break they try to sell you Problem and Solution. Life sucks? Vape. Throat hurt? Sue somebody. Of the Saints in the American pantheon, I think Saint Litigation has the best racket. My favourite: casino commercials. They sell you on the bright lights of the profligate nation, and because of the vestigial morality laws barely adhered to in America, the selfsame commercial inciting you to gamble your…

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