Choosing a side

Vanishing American II

Lately it’s been hard to remain upbeat and to focus on anything hopeful or ‘positive’, so I’m afraid I don’t have any sunshiny platitudes to offer. And it’s hard not to notice a lot of anger and vitriol on most ‘right-wing’ blogs, in addition to the usual nastiness and hostility from the loathsome left.

So while I am loath to post a ‘rant’, here it comes. This is not personal towards any of you because I don’t know most of you. And if what follows does not pertain to you, just pay it no mind; if the shoe does not fit then no need to wear it.

It is sad that even after years of the self-hating tropes that go around the right-wing internet, the ”Boomer-hate” enterprise is still thriving and refuses to go away. When I describe that bitterness as ‘self-hating’, what else is it when it is one’s…

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