The mysterious relationship between Epstein and Wexner

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A little more than a week ago, I proposed that Les Wexner is Jeffrey Epstein’s only blackmail victim.

The investigative article in today’s New York Times, providing new facts about the mysterious relationship between Epstein and Wexner, which seems a lot more mysterious after reading the article, lends credence to the possibility that all of Epstein’s wealth came from a single source: Wexner. When you’re a multibillionaire, you can give away about two-thirds of a billion dollars to a single person and still be a multibillionaire. Most multibillionaires piss away more than that on philanthropy. No big deal.

What hold does Epstein have over Wexner? Or what did he do for him to make him so financially generous?

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Today’s Wall Street Journal article mentions other rich people as a source of Epstein’s wealth. So it wasn’t just Les Wexner.

Mr. Epstein profited from associations with retail…

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