The ‘real haters’

Vanishing American II

Some Republicans and ‘conservatives’ can’t help themselves; they have a compulsion to call the left “the real racists”. It’s never been known to have the desired effect; it goes in one ear and out the other, with the left.

Regardless of whether the Democrats are the ”real racists” or fake racists or any other kind, they are the real haters. They relish hating others. And I include not just the White left but their clients and mascots and partners-in-mayhem.

It is, however, simultaneously pathetic and disgusting when White white people seem to hate other Whites. It’s disgusting because it is not natural for people to hate their own flesh and blood, their kindred. But this attitude is widespread, or it seems to be. It’s especially noticeable in large groups, like at public events. But is it genuine or faked? Often it seems to be a cowardly reaction: out of fear…

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