The future of Anglo-Americans

The Old Inheritance

At the Identity Dixie blog I came across a good piece discussing the predicament in which Anglo-Americans, especially Southrons, find themselves amid the current upheavals.

“The originating class of Heritage America that discovered and built the United States is being destroyed by their own kindness. Unfortunately, the reality of the future is far darker than at any time in world history. Unlike previous periods of time, we now live in a world that offers no opportunity to move, resettle, and rebuild. The fact is, Heritage America now faces an existential threat and few options are available. This piece is an exploration of the death of Anglo America and the limited options of her descendants.”

The piece, titled Aeneas Cannot Abandon Troy, is unusually fair-minded towards Anglo-Americans. Whenever I come across a piece on this subject I automatically steel myself for the usual snide or scornful remarks about English-descended Americans…

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