The conditioning has done its job all too well

Vanishing American II

In some of the material I’ve been reading online, both blog pieces and comments, (not to mention the ‘news reports), I find myself exasperated at the evidence that so many Americans cannot think sensibly about this mess we are in.

There is no way to maintain our current obsession with ‘antiracism’ or equality or ”fairness” and still be able to extricate ourselves from this rapidly deteriorating situation.

Even now, a lot of us think that if we only do certain things, we can have a harmonious society. Yet all recent history seems to indicate that things are deteriorating, and common sense tells us that we can’t hope to ‘win’ by doing what we’ve done all along: trying to appease and placate and accommodate. Or, more specifically, we certainly get nowhere by accepting the category of ”racism”, because it is useless to plead ‘guilty’ as we’ve seemingly done from the beginning…

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