The American Flag is a Symbol of Hate With No Place In Our Vibrant Democracy. Take It Down!

Diversity Chronicle

By Erik Mugabe

The United States of America was founded by slave-owning white supremacists. The American flag is literally a symbol of slavery, white supremacy, and Native-American genocide. Good people do not disagree on these points. The American founders were all racist, cis-gendered, heterosexist white males. This is 2020; why are these ugly rags, we call “American flags,” still all over the place? The only good thing about the American flag is that most of them are made in China, so you can support a Communist state, at least by purchasing them!

The American flag is morally no different from that of Nazi Germany! Why is the swastika flag taboo, but the stars and stripes are not? What Nazi Germany did to Jews and people of color over 75 years ago, the US literally does to Black people, Native Americans, Mexicans, Muslims, Jews and sexual minorities every single day! Whenever…

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