Talk of a ‘new name’, cont.

The Old Inheritance

A few posts back, I brought up the suggestion another blogger made; the idea was that ‘we’, that is the Posterity of the founders, need a new name for a resurrected America. This is all theoretical of course, as the fate of our country seems to be hanging in the balance.

Most of the right, or at least the realist right, sees America as already expired, or at best, on life support. As for me, I haven’t given up on this country. I think a country, or more precisely, a nation (of kindred people) is alive as long as its people still exist, even though they may be decreasing as a percentage of the population.

A nation is people. A nation is not merely a piece of territory populated by whoever, which is what America is becoming, rapidly.

Over at TOO, “John Q. Publius”, in a piece called “Is Civil…

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