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News of Senator Romney agreeing to vote for a new Supreme Court Justice was seen as Romney bending a knee. His impeachment vote was a petty move of personal rancor, but even Mitt cannot look his GOP state squarely and deny them this. One cannot help but laugh at Romney helping out Trump in any way, shape or form. The GOP establishment shows it will bend for anyone left, right or repulsive.

It is important to consider Romney’s role in 2016 because he played an important part in the GOP resistance and sabotage of Trump. Trump won three of the first four contests. He won Nevada so overwhelmingly that GOPe pundits on twitter were trying to smear the win as fraudulent due to irregularities in voting at polling sites. There were legit e-pundits stating that the results shouldn’t count with even one saying they shouldn’t count unless Rubio won. They…

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