National Socialist Film Theory, a Hermeneutic of Film Analysis

The Sperg Box


During the moral panic of the 1980s, that was manifested as a reaction to the manifold horrors of the sexual revolution which had taken place during the 1960s and 1970s, much ado was made about the influence of visual media on the actions and behaviors of the general populace; especially it’s younger members. Many a sermon was commonly bellowed from the pulpit by your run-of-the-mill bourgeois reactionary preacher, positing for instance, that violence in video games, or unattatched sex in movies could potentially influence young people to reenact images on the screen in reality. As is the case with many of the concerns expressed by Jerry Fallwell’s or Billy Grant’s crusaders at the time, the fundamental instinct was correct, but the analysis was shallow and incomplete (these are the people who believed economic liberalism was the salvation of traditions and virtues that can aptly be described as highly illiberal…

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