NARCO-POLITIK: The CIA, 20 Tons of Cocaine & The J.P. Morgan ‘Chase’

This runs DEEP.


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– “...The guilty crewman belonged to a Mafia clan in Kotor, Montenegro which for decades had been led by a close relative. Nikola Kavaja was famous in Serbia for having spent several decades working as an assassin for the CIA, during which he made no fewer than four assassination attempts on the life of Yugoslav communist strongman Marshall Tito. Did someone mention the CIA?

The CIA, a ‘law and order’ U.S. Attorney, & 20 tons of cocaine – By Daniel Hopsicker

It was the second biggest drug bust in American history.

On the evening of June 16, 2019, as skies grew cloudy over Delaware Bay, a giant container ship lumbered towards the Port of Philadelphia.

Longer than three football fields laid end to end, The Mediterranean Shipping Company’s MSC Gayane (2nd largest in the world) is one of the world’s newest classes of ships, the ULCVs – Ultra-Large…

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