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I’ve been continuing my reading of the Oera Linda book. I’m making a point of this reflection now because the book is quite contrived for one unfamiliar with it. Which I am. So far a lot of it jives and resonates, other pieces leave me scratching my head. So the basic premise is a revealed history of the Friesian Race, which in many ways runs counter to the narrative of established history.

The basic premise is that at the world’s beginning, Wralda who is the Great Spirit and the only one with true life from which all light comes, makes the world in his image. Wralda appears to be related to the word world itself, world as you might recall is a mutation of woruld from the Old English Wer-Eald (the age of men.) That very nomenclature sets an observable anecdotal pattern of applied etymology. The Oera Linda Book has…

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