Admissions of a Former Libertarian

The American Sun

Submitted by Former Libertarian

Like many men before me I had entertained the political philosophy of libertarianism early in my youth. The ideology rooted itself in my life during my early years at college as I had mistakenly viewed it as an anecdote to the plague of cancel culture rife on college campuses. I was a believer in free markets, non-interventionism, and self-determination, so it seemed like it was initially the right fit. I reasoned that this liberating doctrine would be a boon to not only my personal interests but would also make things universally better for everyone. Now I better understand my folly.

I attempted to commit to this testament of liberty by working alongside Justin Amash’s campaign bid for the 2020 libertarian presidential nomination and through association with other like-minded individuals as I sought to build upon my rolodex. My duties involved some of the social media portion…

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