About National Socialism


During the period of the Third Reich, those with formal German citizenship were denoted asReichsdeutsche; those of German blood who lived outside Germany, but who retained their German language and culture, were calledVolksdeutsche. Literally, this translates as “folk Germans,” but perhaps is better rendered into English as “ethnic Germans.” In any event, the concept is clear: National Socialism stood for the unity of all Germans, regardless of their land of origin, into a single nation-state. As Reich’s Chancellor, the Fuehrer brought home into the Greater German Reich not only the Austrians, but also Germans from the Sudetenland, the Memelland, Silesia, Alsace and Lorraine, the South Tyrol and elsewhere.

But he did not stop there. The German folk, narrowly defined, is but one element of the larger Germanic family of peoples. Especially after the beginning of the War, long term consideration was given into incorporating all Germanic…

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