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NS Film Theory, a Hermeneutic of Film Analysis

During the moral panic of the 1980s, that was manifested as a reaction to the manifold horrors of the sexual revolution which had taken place during the 1960s and 1970s, much ado was made about the influence of visual media on the actions and behaviors of the general populace; especially it’s younger members.

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Kelly’s Heroes: The Golden Side of WW2

On the surface, the 1970 filmKelly’s Heroesseems like a fairly routine Hollywood “war” movie with many standard tropes of the Allies’ court history. There are funny, relatable and colorfully characterized US Army soldiers; there’s a load of action and pyrotechnics, which were top-level stuff for their time; and, of course, there’s heaps of faceless corpses supplied by an inexplicably inept Wehrmacht. The film was made with the help of Communist Yugoslavia, thus there’s really…

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