ABSOLUTELY excellent analysis!


~2700 words


  1. Introduction
  2. Why This Moral Worldview is Poison
    2.1. “Preserving Cultures”
    2.2. Friend Good, Enemy Bad
    2.3. Submission and Weakness
    2.4. Hostile Subversion
  3. Conclusion
  4. Appendix: Evidence and Results of Out-Group Fetishism
    4.1. BLM
    4.2. Iran
    4.3. Palestine, Middle East in general
    4.4. Overt anti-Whiteness

“We will never trick our enemies into giving us anything by using the false morality that they have invented to destroy us.”


“Nationalism is when everyone has their own country – a space for every race :-)!” and its consequences have been a disaster for nationalism.

This Liberalized trash has polluted the West for decades, finally reaching its apotheosis among the flabby remnants of the Alt-Right — the TWP / Radix / NPI / TRS coalition that has come to be known as the “wignats.” Although they are by no means the only people to regurgitate this nonsense, I’ll be referring to this…

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