The Paranormies

9/11/ is back again, and along with the anniversary, the official narrative is back. LIHOP? MIHOP? Doo Wop? Mad Wop? What is this, Dr. Seuss?

Johnny and the goys couldn’t resist breaking down a few normie myths and empirically fact checking the official narrative of that most fateful day. Propagandistic language, pejorative use of normal words to shame “conspiracy theorists”, these are some of the methods used by those who defend the official narrative, a fantastical conspiracy theory in and of itself. Defensive propaganda was hot and heavy and started almost immediately. Popular Mechanics’ book: Debunking 9/11 Myths is basically a state sanctioned history of the event, allegedly using “facts” to dispel the “nutty conspiracy theories” surrounding that fateful day. Never fear, the goys break down that debunking by debunking the debunking with empirical methodology, poking airliner sized holes in the official narrative. Get /comfy/, put your seatback tray in…

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