The ‘80s Core of the New Right

The American Sun

Submitted by Semmelweis

“Politics is downstream from culture” Andrew Breitbart famously said, before they killed him. He was just ripping off seminal leftist thinker Antonio Gramsci, but the observation nonetheless remains true. Culture isn’t just a noun after all, but also a verb—to culture something or someone means to grow it, to shape it in a certain way.

American culture has for some time swung between a right-wing or conservative cultural ethos and a left-wing or liberal cultural ethos. Please don’t confuse these terms too much with their political equivalents because that’s not what I’m talking about, although there is overlap. Liberal culture values freedom, tolerance, compassion, and novelty. Conservative culture values order, justice, strength, and tradition. Neither is inherently good or bad, but both can become too extreme, or too stagnant, which is why it then gives rise to its opposite.

A look back at 20thcentury American…

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