Trump is a Victim of Bad Advice. Can we Feel Bad for Him? Lol.

Digital Empire

Well, it’s not as if people did not warn him.

The places where Trump supporters have been purged from:

Reddit – Widespread ban of Trump supporters under the umbrella of racism control, spreading misinformation, misogyny etc. etc.    Bernie Sanders supporters being lumped in with Trump supporters because they don’t “appreciate” Joe Biden enough.

Youtube – Trump supporters banned for spreading conspiracy theories about the Corona Virus.  Shunted to faraway places like Bitchute, which itself is filled to the gills with conspiracy theorists and angry ex-Youtubers.

Twitter – Trump supporters banned for racism and Neo nazism, even though all those racist memes were Zionist in nature (and origin).

VOAT – Ghost town. Died when Pizzagate committed suicide by 3 shots to the back of the head and zipped up inside a travel bag with a padlock that was locked from the outside.  Hillary is still not in jail.

In-person voting –…

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