The Vaccine Fight & Friday Reads

The American Sun

We can see narratives form in real time. Covid crisis allows everyone to see the false choices since there is nothing else to watch and follow. Lockdowns are now tied to leftist holiness thanks to credentialed coaching. The coming fight is not about lockdowns. The trend is already moving against them. The big brawl is going to be about vaccinations.

There is a panic porn or super scare each week. They cannot let you acclimate and move on with life. First it was tests. This did not mean much if it would not change treatment but it was pressed hard. After that it was PPE, but this was solved with nary a word of mission accomplished. After this, it was lock us down. After lockdowns came, it turned to meat shortages. There are none but the panic buying made people go nuts and then supermarkets started limiting purchases. The newest…

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