The Age of the Tiktok Nurse

The American Sun

By Claire Nightingale

The Red Cross of Comfort, John Morton-Sale, c. 1919

“[A woman] is usually a success as a sick-nurse, for that profession requires ingenuity, quick comprehension, courage in the face of novel and disconcerting situations, and above all, a capacity for penetrating and dominating character.”
– HL Mencken, In Defense of Women

“She never sleeps, the TikTok nurse. She is dancing, dancing. She says she will never die.”
– Twitter

There is a long beep emitting from my patient’s alarm. It is the sound that accompanies the end of a life in the ICU – the patient’s heart has ceased to beat, and a long flat green line appears on the monitor beside his bed. “ASYSTOLE, ASYSTOLE” the monitor screams. This is usually cue for everyone to run into the room, ready to pound on the patient’s chest and pump him full of drugs necessary to restart his…

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