Philosophy and Wood

The Sperg Box

I love philosophy, but do not read philosophy. It could pass for a Zen koan, no? Do I have a grand or sophisticated reason as to why I don’t study philosophy? No I do not. I have a very simple reason, though. I think philosophy is self-evident from Nature and from vocation. I am a tradesmen. A woodworker, a landscaper at times, and a doer of rougher deeds than these. My world is rich with meaning and metaphor. Part of this is because I am who I am, but a great deal comes from lessons learned from one’s hands.

I can’t tell you off the top of my head which philosopher said this, but the jist was that a man who has not worked with his hands shouldn’t be allowed to study or teach philosophy. Makes sense to me. In college the philosophy types were doughy little ladyboys with soft…

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