Seeker (a poem)

The Sperg Box

silent screams rip the sky apart
the Golden Sun has split the womb
a bloody stain on icy fields
here I see the Morningred
beyond the Sun the blackest light
a known unknown
this heat that chills the bone
here I stand by day
with bones that ache from pain and toil
ere night falls they scream
mind’s eye burns in ashen silence
unseen hands reach for home
beyond the stars
where in the dark a new light shines
truth within truth
wheels within wheels
always turning
forever unseen
cursed with the dieing memory
that I am cast in a realm I do not belong
the night calls but how can I answer
mortal lungs are forged in frailty
no scream can reach the ears of Gods
whose silence bleeds the eardrum dry
beating against the inverse echo
of a drum that robs all sound
now what can I do…

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