The Cult of Strength. Part 1: Beginnings

The American Sun

It is May 2nd as I write this. Hafthor “Thor” Björnsson has just deadlifted 501kg or 1104lbs. This feat broke the previous World Record set by Strongman Eddie “the Beast” Hall of 500kg. Hall in describing that lift stated he had blood pouring out of his nose, ears, and eyes. It was four years ago and he said it nearly killed him. Hafthor, by comparison made 501kg look relatively easy. This event will be talked about and tweeted about across the spectrum, from gym bros to dadbods people will hear about this lift. It is the perfect example of how the Cult of Strength has imposed itself upon the modern world.

There is a quote posted with some frequency by acolytes of the Cult of Strength. It’s from the musician Henry Rollins and was actually part of an essay he penned way back in 1994 [1].

“The Iron never lies…

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