Lessons From A Mennonite

The American Sun

Submitted by WS

It’s that time of year again. Dread fills me. The beast comes to life with a deep growl. It’s morning time, not too early though. At 8 is when something is expected from this giant lumbering animal. It takes time to warm itself up from the night. Its joints move freely. They’ve been supplemented with something that might be analogous to glucosamine in humans. Thick black grease has been pumped into its exposed articulating arms. The beast is a skeleton without a brain. Pure muscle without flesh. I am its brain and flesh. It’s master for the day. It’s master for weeks. This soulless beast is a massive 8 wheeled tractor with a blade on the front. It doesn’t steer like a traditional vehicle where the front wheels turn in the direction that the machine follows. Instead the entire machine is bisected like an enormous insect. It…

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