A Practical, Aesthetic Defense of Monarchy and Aristocracy

The American Sun

Submitted by C.A. Shoultz

I have debated for some time whether an essay of this nature is necessary in the year 2020. After all, I am far from the first writer to propose a return to hierarchical systems of government, over and against mass democracy and rule by the commons. It’s been done more than once; indeed, it’s been done several times, starting all the way back in the days of Unqualified Reservations. Nonetheless, at the risk of sounding arrogant, I believe my own, particular justification for being a monarchist and an aristocratist (an awkward word, but it’s the best I can devise) might be a useful addition to the conversation that has continued in the sphere of neoreaction, or what’s left of it. It might, moreover, be useful for those I have encountered on social media who have not been part of that sphere, but who might nonetheless be…

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