Against the Corona Panic, Pt. III: “Just the Flu” Vindicated by the Data; Or, Why to End the Shutdowns Now

Hail to You

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Against the Corona Panic” (…and…) “Honor the Truth, be Steadfast, Defend the Nation.” Say ‘No’ to jockeying for political advantage on the coattails of Corona Hysteria.
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As we have learned now, over and over again, this flu is a flu.”
— Dr. Knut Wittkowski, internationally recognized expert in epidemiology, writing April 16, commenting on the coronavirus pandemic

Our data suggests that COVID-19 has an infection fatality rate that is in the same ballpark as seasonal influenza.” — Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford, April 17


The Ioannidis finding is from a study conducted in early April in California and has grabbed attention, but in fact merely corroborates the findings of every other serious study that has been conducted in Europe. The fatality rate for those exposed to the virus is now known to be between 0.02% and…

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