Using Israel

If virtuous men can begin to speculate, utilizing their mind to gauge a duplicitous, manipulative, angle on every move they make – they can begin to understand the enemy they are up against…

The American Sun

There was a trend in the questions asked during the Groyper War on the TPUSA crew that involved Israel. It started off as funny with dancing Israeli references, what about the aid Charlie and USS Liberty questions. This quickly fell into a bad pattern of the same questions being asked over and over, which then allowed the TPUSA goons to smartly respond and use the anti-semitic smear. They have caught on, which means tactics for the Israel issue need to change.

Israel is a really useful tool when discussing policy if you avoid the lines that they expect you to use to attack and instead steer discussion towards social policies that will support long-standing conservative or right wing ideas. The USS Liberty was attacked and our nation covered it up. American officials changed the loans it extended to Israel to grants a generation ago. The last time a president even…

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