Might is Right or The Survival of the Fittest

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At the insistent nudging of my friend Diversity Chronicle, I read the book The Survival of the Fittest, or The Philosophy of Powerby Ragnar Redbeard. Here are some highlights, and my thoughts on them.

Pg. 11:

It is notorious, universally so, that the blackest falsehoods are ever decked out in the most brilliant and gorgeous regalia. Clearly, therefore it is the brave mans duty to regard all sacred things, all legal things, all constitutional things, all holy things, with more than usual suspicion.

This has been my opinion for many years. I couldn’t help but notice that certain groups (especially religious groups) will often compensate for lack of substance with flowery language, and aesthetically pleasing form. Simpletons, who comprise the bulk of humanity, are easily fooled.

Pg. 15:

However it must be distinctly understood, that the spiritual and temporal in all cosmogonies, are so intricately interwoven, that it…

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