Fraternal reassurance of the desire to serve God and country

vulture of critique

Aside from Q posts, quite a few anons have been expressing fraternal affection:

Anons have been denouncing Bill Gates for his use of an advertisement featuring Abramovic, along with his numerous other misdeeds:

A great deal of reassurance is needed, because some farmers are getting agitated:

Farmfag anon here as well. I think we are witnessing an economic civil war waged by the left against Trump country. They are purposefully trying to keep their thumb on small business and family farms to force them out of business. If enough small businesses in a certain industry shutdown that void will be filled with a large corporation. A good example is dairy farming. You shut down enough of them and then the big dairy gold type companies then control America’s dairy products. How long until the green new deal is forced down you throat and you have no alternative? Look at…

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