Lorecast: Ep. 1: Ovid’s Genesis

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The Sperg Box

I have started a podcast. The aim of it is to record and present various pieces of European meta-history, myth, legend, tall tale, and fable which I think contribute to the unique (and fading) character of the Occidental Spirit.

Link to profile is inclement:

First Episode is the Creation Account by Ovid.


Below are comments on the story.

Ovidius used a smattering of very Indo-European motifs in his Creation Account. He assumes a monadism to divinity which would later become expressed through European Philosophy. There is a strong emphasis on the role of Polarities, which we see exquisitely defined in the Norse Ginungagap story. There is the concept of Ages of Metal corresponding to Ages of Man which inspire later alchemy. Also is the idea that man began as a divine being, next to God, and over the course of Ages devolved until we have man’s present evolutionary form…

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