Viral Panic

The American Sun

In a world of uncertainty and unease, it feels surreal that the lives of those around us have changed so drastically. Each day, we are being “updated” with cases, number of deaths and the ages of each person infected. Each of these cases emerges mere hours apart and each government is catching up to the total cases, which catches up the anxiety and paranoia of each and every one of us. Its unhealthy to obsess over it, but our “eyes are glued to the screen” due to the abundance of information with analysis paralysis. The economy has impacted everyone with this, with numbers predicting millions of people losing their jobs as commercial and luxury transportation are grinding to an halt. The reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic is divided into two categories: one side exaggerates and catastrophizes the situation by spamming information that hasn’t been vetted, the other side doesn’t take…

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