The Virus Cramdown

The American Sun

There is a woke centrist meme that our elites are merely incompetent, or beholden to ideologies that makes competence impossible. Mentioning that things are from places is racist, so anti-racist ideology prevents you from realizing you should perhaps shut down flights to a bubbling disease reservoir. “Public health experts” have more respect for their institutional prerogatives to prevent products from coming to market than the idea that catching sneezes with literally anything is better than letting em rip, so we get ridiculous lies about the inefficacy of masks.

This meme is not really the case – the substantive grifts they are in charge of have in fact been effective, if inefficient, at their intended purpose. The point of “antiracism” isn’t to shave off 15 IQ points from your decisionmaking ability, it’s to ensure lots of jobs and lots of power for antiracists. The point of making sure only masks that…

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