The Plague and Human Stupidity

The American Sun

By now, it is obvious to those who follow the news even in the smallest regard, that the Coronavirus Pandemic is a major international crisis. As of writing this, over 500,000 people have been infected worldwide, and there have been over 25,000 fatalities – with Italy suffering over 600 deaths a day. Those of us in the Dissident Right who followed this from the beginning predicted what could happen if China was not sealed off – and we have been proved right to a large degree. It is remarkable that anonymous online accounts correctly sensed the danger that was looming, and even more remarkable that most governments and international organisations did not.

Despite having access to classified intelligence reports and other sources of information, most countries sat on their hands for weeks and maintained air travel with China, and simply watched the horror show unfold in Wuhan. Italy, Spain and…

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