Impeachment: It’s Another Kavanaugh

The American Sun

The articles were sent to the Senate. A solemn procession led by a black woman brought them over. This was super serious. At the same time, we saw the new, shocking, amazing, and mind-blowing revelations from a Ukrainian associate of Rudy.

Not really. Lev Parnas showed up on Rachel Maddow’s show to allege something vague that Rudy had him do with Trump’s knowledge. Had this mattered, Rep. Nadler would have included it in his flimsy case. This is just the new Kavanaugh routine. This is not a winner so the left is going to try 11th hour insinuations to persuade moderates to shove their entire party on swords.

Nothing that happened was illegal. It was unorthodox. Then again, the entire system is positioned to resist and leak against Trump so using a third party makes sense. This is all confirmation of how the 2010s were a ten year demonstration that…

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