Banned Hipster

In Part 1, Eurobollah: Mannerbund, Mormonism, Masonry and Meetups, we discussed the basic concept of community organization, gave historical examples and linked to a number of neo-right podcasts and blogs that have discussed similar things.

We discussed “Level Zero” the already existing – and easy to create – casual “fraternities” that we can recruit from. We find the best men from the Level Zero organizations, and recruit them into “Level 1.”

The goal of “Passivism” is to 1) Become worthy and 2) Accept power.

How do you “become worthy?”

Level Zero takes care of a lot of it: you want to be healthy, strong, and able to work as a team with other men. Sports and other stereotypical masculine recreations, like hunting, fishing and shooting, are perfect training and proving grounds for such things.

You also want to be smart and knowledgable; so other Level Zero casual fraternities might…

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