Are Gay Men The Natural Aristocrats Of The European Peoples?

There are countless men and women that cannot articulate their sentiments regarding politics, society and current events – and your ability to express commentary on such salt of the Earth leanings needs a larger audience.

Banned Hipster

Colin Liddell over at occasionally posts articles of mine. I’ve long been a fan of Liddell and especially appreciated his attacks on the (((Daily Stormer Hollywood Nazi))) types, although I think this leads him to be not counter-semitic enough for my tastes.

Anyway he reposted what I wrote about Andrew Joyce’s take on Mishima. The point wasn’t about homosexuality, per se, it was a complaint about the “alt right” online culture that seems to me to be more about fanboy-ism and weeabo-ism than anything substantially pro-white and “traditional.”

But any time you critique a gay icon, which apparently Mishima was, you’ll get attacked by gays in the comment section. Like clock-work, they can’t help themselves. When Joyce said he was called by the ADL/SPLC the most “homophobic” writer on the neo-right, I went over to the old and read his own articles about “The Homosexual Question.”

I’ve also…

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