Ten Friday Reads 1/17/20

The American Sun

No commentary this week, so I will provide ten reads…

Trumpism After Trump – This report in Harpers covers the National Conservativism conference. The funniest sequence is the reporter following Moldbug around and referring to him as The Dark Knight throughout that sequence.

Corrupt Nutrition Science – This article on the wave of anger and response to a coming report how you cannot recommend avoiding meat as the science was too flimsy shows how we should consider the fight behind anything against the narrative. If thousands of angry emails are sent to a medical journal over meat because it affects their donors, every other subject or topic that would be counter-narrative must face the same fight for its life.

William Barr, our Carl Schmitt – This is the first of two profiles this week of Barr. The attacks on Barr have ratcheted up just as the impeachment and IC probes…

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