Report Cards for Nations.

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It’s a new year and so it’s time to give passing grades to countries. Or fails. Or detention. 2020 is going to be a fast year and it’s going to bring with it a lot of opportunities. Not just money opportunities, but also friendship, and diplomacy.  Good communication is key for 2020 and bonus points are given for sincerity.


There is uncertainty in the air. Germans are curious as to why the economy is stalling. It’s not bad, but it’s not growing as fast as it should. Exports are good but it would really be a good idea for Germany to decouple itself from the US dollar. There will always be a demand for German products. As far as environmental issues go, Germany stands under a soft spotlight. It’s a good look for the country and it is aesthetically pleasing.


France is a world leader, and this shows…

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