Impeachment: Useful Stick For Israel

The American Sun

The articles of impeachment shuffle on over to the Senate for the trial. This is a joke but one group of US Senators decided to use it for their advantage. Sorry not their advantage but Israel’s. President Trump has stated that he felt pressure to do the strike on Suleimani from GOP Senators who used impeachment as leverage. Someone is getting something out of impeachment, unfortunately, that someone is Sheldon Adelson.

This might be Trump shrugging off responsibility for it and he does spout many wild things at odds with what he does. If it is true, it is a sick demonstration of the venality of our US Senators. Impeachment just became a new tool for them to use to satisfy the Lobby. These are trumped up, phony charges that should lead to nothing. That Senators felt it useful to hold over the president is horrendous. It demonstrates how…

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